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If you wish to speak with Daniel, please visit him during school hours in the Humanities Office, or leave a voice mail for him on the school's telephone system.  You are also welcome to call him at his residence, prior to 9 p.m., at the home telephone number listed in The Northwest School Handbook and Directory. Daniel has chosen not to use e-mail as a medium of communication with students and families.

This page will provide information on Daniel's three 2015-16 classes.

 Please see the Documents section for details.

Humanities 12 
Latin-American Studies



Even the Rain response for Monday, 23 November

What is your overall impression of the film? What do you think of the writing, direction and acting? Please consider the three professional reviews included in the handout packet you received in class. For example, Stephen Holden of the New York Times found that the film’s “impact is diminished by an overly schematic screenplay and excess conceptual baggage,” and he goes on to state in his final line that “Inevitably ‘Even the Rain’ is trapped inside its own hall of mirrors.” Do you agree or disagree with Holden’s assessment? Why or why not?


Remember to introduce the film adequately in the opening lines of your response: cite the title, director and year of production.

Please type and double space your response and email it to me by the end of the day Monday at Daniel.sparler@northwestschool.org.

Plan for Tuesday, 24 November. Report to the computer lab and work on finding news articles and writing analyses of them for your portfolio.


 Advanced Spanish

Mujeres al borde de un ataque de nervios (Pedro Almodóvar).

When you finish viewing the film on Friday you can begin to tackle the exercises in the packet you received in class. Continue this in class on Monday and Tuesday. By the end of class on Wednesday you should have completed the following written exercises:

Page 210: A & B / Page 211: B / Page 212: A / Pages 212-3: B (write out or type your answers on a separate page) / Page 215: A & B / Page 216: C /

Finally, Page 218 "Hablan los personajes" numbers 3, 5, 6 and 8 (write out or type your answers on a separate page)

In class on Tuesday you should do (in groups of three, or as a whole class if you can stay focused) the Temas de conversación (ex. A only, all seven items: Pepa, Candela, etc.) Each student should jot down the group consensus for each of the seven items. You will turn in this, as well as the other exercises, when we resume clas after Thanksgiving Break, Monday, Nov. 30.


Humanities 11 
For other materials relating to Humanities 11, please visit Sarah Porter's Teacher Page: http://teachers.northwestschool.org/nws/sporter/index.php


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