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If you wish to speak with Daniel, please visit him during school hours in the Humanities Office, or leave a voice mail for him on the school's telephone system.  You are also welcome to call him at his residence, prior to 9 p.m., at the home telephone number listed in The Northwest School Handbook and Directory. If you are unable to reach Daniel in person or by telephone (the preferred methods), you may contact him by email at daniel.sparler@northwestschool.org.

This page will provide information on Daniel's three 2015-16 classes.


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Humanities 12 
Latin-American Studies


Chile paper for Tuesday, March 15:


(3-4 pages, typed, double spaced)


Address this question: How has Chile emerged from the depths of repressive dictatorship in the 1970s and 80s to become not only the most prosperous country in Latin America, but also one of the most peaceful?


Refer to the following in your paper:

1. Our comparative statistics data

2. The Skidmore, Smith and Green reading

3. Patricio Guzman's film, Chile, Obstinate Memory

4. Our songbooks of Victor Jara and Violeta Parra

5. The Museum of Memory's Human Rights Youth Illustration Project (Slide show available under the Documents tab at left. Look for "Chile-Human Rights..."

6. Images, class discussion, any news items you may have read 



 Advanced Spanish



Humanities 11 
For other materials relating to Humanities 11, please visit Sarah Porter's Teacher Page: http://teachers.northwestschool.org/nws/sporter/index.php


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