Welcome to Daniel Sparler's teacher page

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If you wish to speak with Daniel, please visit him during school hours in the Humanities Office, or leave a voice mail for him on the school's telephone system.  You are also welcome to call him at his residence, prior to 9 p.m., at the home telephone number listed in The Northwest School Handbook and Directory. Daniel has chosen not to use e-mail as a medium of communication with students and families.

This page will provide information on Daniel's three 2015-16 classes.

 Please see the Documents section for details.

Humanities 12 
Latin-American Studies




 Advanced Spanish

Homework due Monday, December 7:

1. Finish all handouts on use of the present subjunctive.

2. Under "Documents" at left choose the file "No me importa nada." Open it and follow the instructions.


Humanities 11 
For other materials relating to Humanities 11, please visit Sarah Porter's Teacher Page: http://teachers.northwestschool.org/nws/sporter/index.php


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