This site will be deleted soon, as we gear up for all classes to use the OBA pages this school year.

If you are waiting to hear about the audition results for the Performing Dance Ensemble/"PDE" for the upcoming school year, please check your school email.


                                                            Ready to dance?

...To breathe
while releasing stress

...To sweat while strengthening muscles

...To coordinate while balancing body & mind

...To have fun while working hard

...To inspire while gaining new skills


You can find documents from class to download/print  (documents page)

Check out videos from past performances  (links to past performance videos page)

Please use this site to contact me with any questions, comments or concerns (contact page)

Check out videos from class choreography projects (links to choreography projects videos page)

You can navigate through a list of many other dance options to check out if you just can't get enough (more dance options page)

You can check out the posted performances coming up, with more to be added as the school year progresses (performances page)

You can hear music from class... Perhaps something we are using for a performance or project. Updated only occasionally (music page)


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