Welcome to Trimester III of Humanities 11!

I am really looking forward to working with you throughout this term. Please check the "Documents" section for electronic copies of worksheets and handouts distributed in class ("Course Readings" and any documents specifically related to our section are password protected: please ask me in person or via email if you need access to these parts of the site).

You can get a sense of what is on deck for each day by taking a look at the schedule below for the class outline for the current week (calendars from pervious weeks will be available on the "Archives" page, too). Please note that readings are listed on the day we will discuss them in class; be sure to look ahead to the essays, articles, and stories that will be under discussion in advance of each class session so that you can plan your reading schedule.

If you have questions or need to chat with me, do not hesitate to get in touch! I am always happy to hear from you....


Gianna Craig


Monday 06.12.2017

Debates: Statehood for Puerto Rico at 1:10pm [in Raymond]; Minimum Occupancy Quotas at 1:50pm [in Feynman].

Tuesday 06.13.2017

Debates: Israel/Palestine at 11:30am [in MLK]; if you are debating Citizens United meet in Raymond at 11:30am.

Wednesday 06.14.2017

Final Class [in Raymond]: Reflecting back and looking forward as a class.

  • Debate Journals Due electronically as attachment via email.

Please see the "Debate Journal Sample" under the Documents section to see formatting guidelines for the Debate Journal Due Wednesday, June 14th at 1:25pm sent electronically as an attachment via email. 

  • Trimester III Cover Letters due electronically.

Your cover letter for the term should be submitted to me electronically via email.  You cover letter should address two things, outlined below.  

First, the letter should highlight your reflections back on the third trimester we have spent together in Humanities.  In so doing, please discuss what you found most interesting or most compelling in Humanities in terms of content and/or structure. For example, what unit did you like best and why? What readings did you find most interesting and why? What skills or assignments did you really connect with and why?  What aspects of this course did you work hardest at and what do you think you have accomplished through that effort? This is a space to reflect back on the term and you may use it as a place to highlight for me the aspects of the course where you put in a lot of effort of challenged yourself to grow in some way.  

Second, the letter should highlight what you hope to carry with you as you move forward toward next year from this term in Humanities in terms of content and/or structure.  For example, what topic are you still thinking about and wish to learn more about and why?  What skill or goal did you work towards this term and how will you continue to work on these skills or goals next year?  What assignment did you find most useful in terms of receiving feedback on and how will you apply this feedback in future classes?  

These two aspects to focus on in the letter can roughly correspond to two separate paragraphs, but you don't necessarily have to structure your letter in that way.  The main goal for this assignment is for you to reflect back on the term, and build a bridge forward toward your next year to set some goals for yourself based on what you have been working on this year. Thoughtful, honest reflections about your work in this class--both the elements of your work that I could see in class, and that which was maybe more personal for you and less visible to me--are the main points of this assignment. Please address your letter to me and sign it from you!

Cover Letters Due Wednesday, June 14th by 9pm sent electronically as an attachment via email. If you have finished yours by the time you submit your Debate Journal it is fine to submit the two assignments together. 

Thursday 06.15.2017

No Class--Final day of school!

Friday 06.16.2017