Course Title:  Senior Philosophy Seminar

Instructor:  Glen Sterr

Contact me via the link on this page, my school e-mail or school phone number as posted in the school roster, or my home phone, also listed in the school roster.

This is a page that will be used to serve my Senior Philosophy Seminar in the event that we need to engage in some distance learning due to a school closure.  Current assignments will usually be listed in the Homework section, with the actual assignment posted in the Documents section.  I will occasionally place "found items" of interest on this site, and my students and I may find other good uses for the page as the year progresses.  Go to the Announcements tab for a brief description of my course as presented to students at registration time.  That description is followed by the overview and expectations sheet that I hand to my students at the start of each year.  Go to the Links tab for connection to some sites that are useful for our study this year.

"The School of Athens" -- fresco by Raphael (completed 1509-1510) 
Note the location of the painting's "vanishing point" --
a wordless philosophical statement of the tension and possible
 synthesis between Plato and Aristotle as portrayed at the picture's core.