Welcome! Bienvenidos!

My name is Isabel Constanzo and I am very excited to have a full teaching schedule this 2016-2017 school year!

I will be teaching Middle School PE this year consisting of Cross Country with Mark, Allen, and Joe in the fall, Basketball in the winter, Volleyball in the spring and finishing off the year with Track & Field with all of our Middle School teachers. We will have competitions/games that will be posted on our school's athletic calendar with the game times, and the departure and arrival times: http://northwestschool.org/daily-life/calendar?cal=athletics-fall . I will also be teaching 9th grade PE Health, Wellness, and Fitness with Joe, Emily, and Mike.

In addition to continuing to grow with the PE Health and Wellness team, I will be joining the Modern Languages Department and teaching a 9th and 10th grade Spanish II class.

Students, please use my Oba page (https://nws.obaworld.net/) to find your class specific syllabus, assignments, announcements, and resources.

If you ever have any questions, concerns, or comments, please e-mail me at Isabel.Constanzo@northwestschool.org (or by using the "Contact Me" tab), leave me a message on my school voicemail 206-816-6190, or call my cell phone which I have given (or will be giving) you personally.



6th Grade Cross Country: Please click on the link below and complete survey before our next class.