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Course:  Sculpture and Material Exploration

Instructor: Jeanne Ferraro

Course Objectives and Description

In this class we will explore various materials used to create sculpture. As a student, you learn how to manipulate these materials and use sculpting tools safely. Together, we will analyze works of sculpture through reading, discussion and critique. Through an exploration of form, mass, gravity, surface, structure, and associative recognition in three-dimensional art, each student will create a variety of art works.  General concepts of sculpture from idea to form and from materials to methods will be explored. Each material has characteristics that lend itself to different artistic ideas and forms, in learning those characteristic's  the artist will choice the material that will enhance the object of art.

Each Project will be listed on the menu of Jeanne Ferraro's Teacher Page. For example: Sculpture-Small pewter sculpture in the menu with state the project we are working  on in the first full week of the term. 

 Grading will be based on completion of each project or completion of a part of the project, homework assignment turn in on time, as well as Behavior.

Behavior means:

  • Being kind to other students-not starting arguments, hitting, throwing, and yelling etc..
  • Being helpful and supportive when another student needs assistance. 
  • Coming to class on time
  • Putting work away 
  • Cleaning up work area
  • Putting away tools.

 Students that help students who have missed class for illness or sports will get extra points added to their grade.

 Students come in late or do not clean up their work area will lost points

 These points will influence your grade.