Welcome to Laura Ferri's Page!

"To the Shores of Amerikay"  Advanced Theatre

The stage is not merely the meeting place of all the arts, but is also the return of art to life.  Oscar Wilde

Laura Ferri, a professional theatre artist in the Seattle community, teaches the following courses: 
  • Advanced Theatre:  A year long Middle School theatre class that performs ensemble productions in the late fall and spring
  • Film:  An Upper School class in which students learn to design, shoot and edit digital video projects
  • Play Production/Musical Theatre:  An Upper School Production Class which performs four times during the year

Laura can be reached by using the contact button on this page or by calling her cell phone listed in the handbook. Detailed information on Laura's classes can be found under the documents tab.  This page is updated quintly except for Quints II and IV when more weekly updates are given for Advanced Theatre plays in production. Upper School Production information (including weekly rehearsal schedules and ticket reservations) can be found on the Theatre SWIFT page.


"Tomorrow, A Better Day" San Fran Troupe
The Syringa Tree  Play Production