Welcome! Thanks for stopping by to learn more about School Counseling at NWS.

We are lucky to have two full time counselors in the building throughout the school year. Our school counseling team provides confidential short-term counseling support and referral services to NWS students and their families. The counselors also maintain a list of community resources on the NWS website. Megan Reibel is the grade level contact for grades 7, 9, and 11. Erin North is the grade level contact for grades 6, 8, 10, and 12.

Appointments can be made by dropping by the counseling office, by phone, or by email. Voicemail is confidential; please feel free to leave detailed messages. Please note, conversations are considered confidential except those regarding self-harm, harm of others, or abuse. In these cases, typically parents/guardians, appropriate administrators and, in some cases, Child Protective Services and the Police may be informed, as dictated by state law.

In addition to our school counseling duties, Megan and Erin also have the privilege of teaching Peer Mentoring. The course is intended to offer juniors and seniors the opportunity to develop leadership skills; serving as advocates, peer counselors and leaders within the school. Peer Mentors serve as informed thoughtful and sensitive resources for students at The Northwest School. In and out of class the role of Peer Mentor involves taking responsibility for working to understand the needs of the student body.

If you have a resource, article, or something else you feel should be shared with our community, please feel free to send it our way.

We look forward to assisting your student through whatever may come their way over the course of the school year. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to either of us, know that we look forward to connecting with you.

Megan & Erin