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This page is for students in Priscilla's 9th and 10th grade Humanities classes. 

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What are the Humanities? Why do we study them?

The humanities are a way to examine what others throughout time and in all places have had to say about what it means to be human. Studying our past through the lens of Humanities allows us to see the human experience, in whatever era, wholistically.

This means that in Humanities we understand our common human past through History, Literature, Philosophy, Religion and Art and recognize that it makes sense to examine this past as a unified expression, not one to be segmented into individual disciplines.

In this class, you will learn to think about certain times and places in the ways in which the people understood them: through reading literature, contemplating philosophies, viewing art, understanding and questioning the narrative of history, and in all these efforts to understand that all that we have is but an interpretation of a certain time and place. As you will learn, not very much will be considered a truth set in stone. Humans and the things they do are more complicated than anything as simple (and as unattainable) as "TRUTH."