Ceramics classes, including ceramic sculpture and pottery, 
are taught by ceramic artist Randolph Silver. 


Northwest School is offering four ceramics classes during the 2016-2017 school year. This year, Ceramics will be using Oba to host our important documents as well as excellent ceramic links. For that information go to 

To contact Randolph, directly, use the contact link to the left.


Visit the ceramics gallery to see our newest artwork.  Every year some student work is exhibited at the juried National K-12 Exhibition at the National Council of Educators of Ceramic Art. In 2017 the exhibition will be held locally (in Portland). 


We will also create handmade ceramic bowls for "empty bowls" fundraisers benefiting local food banks (this will be our 6th year of participation and we've donated a total of 93 bowls). We occasionally create art for Tacoma's Arfs and Crafts fundraiser (for their prison pet partnership program).

 Randy was originally a student during the opening year of Northwest in 1980. He returned as a substitute teacher, as a ceramics instructor during the summer camp,

as a wheel-throwing instructor for advanced students, as a substitute teacher and now teaches all classes independently. 

Aside from teaching pottery to adults, teens and kids, he is a ceramic artist and co-founded "Clayworks", a pottery co-op in Seattle.

His artwork is in many galleries in the Northwest (including Kobo in Seattle, Gunnar Nordstrom in Kirkland, Art Stop in Tacoma,
White Bird Gallery in Cannon Beach, Northwind gallery and more).  

Randolph's artwork was exhibited in Beijing in "The Best of American Ceramics" exhibition, along side of some of his sculptural mentors. Recently his artwork was featured at the Northwest Designer Craftsman 60th year exhibition at the Whatcom Museum. His three most recent teapots have been purchased by the Kamm Collection, the world's premiere teapot collection.

Last year, his artwork will be featured at BAC in a soup tureen show, in a solo show at Artstop, and duo-show at Northwind Gallery in Port Townsend.