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Course Descriptions:

Middle School Art and Architecture, Trimester 1, 2017                 

This class will study the way visual art intersects with architecture.  We will look at pictures of interesting world architecture, examples of contemporary sustainable architecture, and of artistic, creative elements of architecture.  Projects we will work on include drawing buildings in perspective, studying gargoyles and making a clay gargoyle sculpture, designing and creating a sculpture of a piece of furniture, and creating two dimensional plans and sculptural models of multi use buildings and tiny houses.  Materials we will use include drawing pencils, paints, wood, wire, and paper mache, cardboard, clay and fabric. 


Middle School Art of Faces, Trimester 1, 2017

Explore different ways to make a portrait picture of a person.  In this class, we will work on learning techniques for drawing and painting images of human faces.  We will also explore the concept and design of faces using wire work, paper cutting, collage, painting and sculpture.  The class will also move beyond thinking only of humans to create a pet portrait.  Students will be assisted in developing creative, individual ideas for all of their projects.  


Sandy's 2016-2017 Middle School Classes for Trimester 2 and 3:

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 Upper School Paper, Print, Fiber Class - 2016-2017

This class will explore a wide variety of paper, print and fiber art concepts including color relationships, negative and positive space, shape construction, and texture. Students will create paper mache sculpture, paper quilling, wool felting, multi colored block printmaking,  hand made book construction, paper making, paper lantern cutting, collage, and Shibori tie dye printing projects.  Paper, Print and Fiber Design students will also learn techniques for working with lots of different art materials including colored printing inks, E Z Cut printing blocks, acrylic paint, paper pulp, fabric dyes, wire, and colored wool fleece.  There are no prerequisites for this class.