Greeting 你好 ( Ni Hao)

Welcome to NWS's Chinese Language page. 
There are four levels of Chinese classes offer in this school year.
Please view your course syllabus in the
course description section. Syllabus will be giving out to students at the beginning of the school year.

This page will serve as a communication channel if there is a school closure. I will also update it for students related assignments and projects.

Please check Links Page for useful online Chinese language learning and practice resources. I will introduce many of them to students at class.

In our school, all Chinese students are learning to type Chinese using Chinese input method. There are a few online Chinese input programs that students can use at home to do their home works. They will be introduce both PC and Apple I-Pad devices. I would like students also able to type Chinese at home.

You can contact me through email or call school message line at 206-816-6116. xie xie

Sincerely Tina Chang 徐 婷 婷 敬 上

 Sep, 2016